Lake County Farm Bureau
Educator Agventure!
Calling all Teachers! Have you ever wanted to learn about what types of agricultural production takes place right here in the Northeastern corner of Illinois?  Have you ever driven by a field of crops in Lake County and wondered what was being grown there, and what are the end uses of that crop?  How many dairy farms are there in Lake County?  What else is grown in this area other than corn?  Would you like to learn about these topics and much more while earning CPDUs or grad credit?  If so, the Lake County Farm Bureau’s Educator Agventure is a perfect opportunity for you this summer!

The Lake County Farm Bureau is pleased to announce that this year’s educator field trip will be taking place July 8th-11th 2019.  The trip features three days of touring local agribusinesses in Lake, Cook, and Kenosha Counties, and is finished off with a day at the Farm Bureau office that features free learning materials and ideas on how teachers can incorporate agriculture into their lessons.  The three touring days of the trip typically start at around 8:00, and end around 6:00.  The fourth and final day begins around 9:00, and ends at about 3:00.
The Lake County Farm Bureau holds an Educator Agventure each summer with the hopes that teachers will gain first-hand knowledge about agricultural production which they can then take back to their classrooms to share with their students.  In addition to providing the first-hand experience, teachers who attend the educator field trip also receive numerous learning materials and lesson plans.
The $25 registration fee for the trip includes the costs of traveling on a motor coach as a group on the three touring days of the trip, four lunches, one dinner, snacks, water, learning materials, and touring fees at some locations!
If you are interested in attending this year’s trip, or have any questions please contact Information Director Andy Blaul at 847-223-6506 or via email at [email protected]

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